Apple Watch App

Please tell me that you all are developing the iPhone extension app for the upcoming Apple Watch. I would love to control the music playing on your app…from my wrist!
Just looking for basic functionality (play/pause, switch decks)

And of course, when Apple allows… control djay Pro for Mac!

Well they did, can’t wait to use it. And then djay Pro!

I love the Apple Watch app. Its awesome. If you add BPM adjust to the controls, it would be perfect.

Can’t wait for it to work for iPad and Mac too!

DJAY Pro doesn’t work now and you want them to start more projects?

Although that kind of stuff is their focus now…

Adrian, how do we use spotify on the apple watch app. Also how do you turn on Automix on the Apple Watch app?

djay 2 now officially supports Apple Watch! Hope you’ll like it, MK!