Application Switching / Search Bar Bug

While recording a mix yesterday, I kept switching from Djay Pro to the Pages word processor to take a look at some notes I’d written for myself. Every time I switched back, Djay automatically opened the search bar. This means that any keyboard presses would enter letters into the search bar instead of performing the intended action associated with that keyboard shortcut.

I’ve learned to make sure to click on the decks to exit the search bar, but this appears to be a bug that should be patched.

Hi there djay users,

first of all thank you for your posts about djay pro, really appreciate it.

thank you for these very helpful informations, we were able to reproduce this at our office and i forwarded it to the development section, thanks for that!

Ben, could you please contact our support, we would like to help you out as fast as possible and via we can give you more detailed informations about your request.

Best regards,
Lukas E.

Im having the opposite problem with the program not allowing me to enter text into the search box and is instead doing the actions that the key should perform when I try to search for something.