Applying Neural Mix to FX is Genius!

I’d like to congratulate the djay dev team for implementing the truly amazing and FUNctional idea of stemming effects with Neural Mix!

I was so pleasantly surprised by happening upon this nuanced and interesting way to change up audio.

I like it because it’s less a sledgehammer when an effect is applied to the whole sound. I can subtly apply the kinetic energy of a Phaser to just the drums without mangling the vocals or keyboards. Likewise, Sweep effect can be added to just vocals for a fresh sound without making the beats and bass all gooey and weird.

Applying Neural Mix effects also hides that too-compressed digital crunchiness that often results from using Neural Mix on the song itself which means I’ll actually use this tech more.

Well done, Algoriddim, in taking a deep and rich technology and applying it in interesting and exciting ways!


I totally agree. This is game changing.

This sounds amazing - wasn’t aware of this.

Only on macOS for now, unfortunately

Ah that sucks - I use iPad Pro

My hope is as Algoriddim refines the tech (and future hardware enhancements are released) this excellent feature will propagate in the family of djay apps.

btw, @StretchWatson, I’ve heard the iPad Pro and latest iOS djay support hand gestures. Have you tried that? I have a 2018 iPad 6th gen and it doesn’t support that feature.

I haven’t tried it, it sounded kinda gimmicky but I can see the visual/flair benefits of it for iPad only DJ’s - the linked video really brings back memories of watching people play rhythm games at the arcade! I’ll test it out, you never know…it might be so good that I sell my controller. :smiley:

Agreed, this is a hard sell for me. It could be fun to try and if it works without hiccups and totally intuitively then great. But even if perfect I don’t really wanna be holding my hands out too much during performance.

Still, some crowds might really dig a DJ doing a sort of kinetic hand dance and anything that makes a DJ stop with the “glow face” boringness of statically hunched over a screen for an hour or more is good by me.