are FX packs licenses exclusive?

Hi, I have both djay 2 and djay pro installed on my ipad. I was wondering if anyone knew if I buy the FX pack for one do I get it free for the other, or will that be a separate purchase?

I have the FX pack for Djay 2.
It seems to be active in Pro aswell.

But i also have bought the pack for Pro in the macbook, so i don’t know wich one activates it on Pro for Ipad.

I have the same question, and as you, have both Djay 2 and Djay Pro installed on my iPad 3. The advice I got from Algoriddim support was this:
In order to restore your FX Pack, please do the following:

  1. At the device you purchased the FX Pack with, please enable “iCloud Drive” for djay 2 / djay Pro. Make sure you’re using the Apple ID you purchased the FX Pack with. Also, please tap on “Restore” here.

  2. Now, switch on “iCloud Drive” for djay 2 / djay Pro on your other device(s), too. Just make sure you’re logged in with the same Apple ID.

  3. Fully restart djay and try it again
    What I have done?

  • I have clicked Restore purchases in Djay 2.
  • I restarted Djay pro and Djay 2
  • No FX package shows up in Djay Pro

It could be that we have both apps on the same iPad that causes the issue. I have emailed support and am awaiting a reply.
Best regards, :slight_smile:

Hi Roy and Lucas,

Tried several times, but never got it to work. Guess it could be an iOS/iCloud-issue.
So I decided to purchase again in Djay Pro for iPad. It is cheap and now I got going with all FX.
Cheers, :slight_smile:

Hi Roy,

Once you purchased the FX-Pack, you can use it in djay 2, djay Pro iOS and djay Pro MacOS.

Best Regards,