Are session histories saved on the new subscription version of Djay?

Is it possible to see past sessions in history in the new subscription version? I have played perhaps 50 sets since downloading it yet none appear to be saved in the breakout box on the lower right of the screen. That box only ever shows the current session’s history. Are no others saved? Or is there another location for these? I often referred to past track lists via the history option under choose library (by clicking on the music note icon up) in Djay Pro. It’s disappointing to read here that there is no means to export this info in the new version - but I’m hoping it is at least saved in the app somewhere. Can anyone advise please?

I was having the same problem but I found em! Go to add a track then tap the Spotify icon and change to “my music” and at the bottom it says “history” click that and the sets are saved there!


You can find your Session History selecting the My Library and selecting History in the Menu bar.

I hope this is helping.

Cheers,Lukas E.

You can find the history but the question is can you export the history?

Here are the screenshot’s……

hey thanks for the response man. i’m having trouble doing what you mean. so you mean tap the music note icon (up top) to add a track? if i do that the only spotify icon i see is at the bottom left - with video below it and another itunes music note icon above, then a djay playlists folder above that. assuming you mean the itunes icon (as the djay folder on mine only has a category for playlists - which is empty - but nothing else). however in that itunes folder there’s no link to a history no matter whether i look above or below playlists or songs or categories like albums and artists. any chance you can clarify - or ideally post a screenshot?

you are using the new subscription model of djay aren’t you chad - and not the old one or djay pro. because yr explanation fits perfectly for the older versions. that is exactly what i cannot find on the newer one.

Hi Lucas - thanks for the response. You are talking about the new subscription version right? I still can’t see where you mean. Can you provide a screenshot of My Library (is that the iTunes music-note logo on the side at bottom left?) plus the History button in whatever Menu bar? These are not apparent to me at all - yet, as you know, I’ve been using these apps for years. Must be missing something obvious!

Can you please provide a screenshot of where to find it Nicholas?

Thanks so much Nicholas! Hadn’t seen that little clock icon under the playlist files section. So great to have access to the histories. Now djay just need to install the same export facility that the far cheaper version of the app had.