Are some Pro DJ's REALLY using Spotify at gigs?

Are some of you PROFESSIONAL DJ’s actually using Spotify at a gig?

What happens if you have no internet? What happens if internet goes out during a song?

What happens when Spotify goes away? Won’t you lose your music?

Just questioning is Spotify is a good thing for ANY professional dj?

I know, I would NEVER use it. I want to own my music!

I always DJ with airplane mode turned on. Who even DJs with notifications popping up?

I have used Spotify to pull requests that aren’t in my library. It hasn’t failed me yet. The way I use it is my main rig is on a macbook pro drawing from the local library, connected to a deck that handles playback and cue. The second unit is a numark idjpro with an ipad 3rd gen that is preloaded with about 60G of music and is hooked to my spotify account, and uses wifi or device tethering (I use a Verizon Jetpack, or my ATT iPhone) when I don’t have a wifi connection available.

If my main rig takes a dive (USB cable ends really, really suck), I always have two songs set up on the secondary rig for quick cut in. When someone asks me for something I don’t have, I’ll pull it on the secondary rig via Spotify, because it pre-caches the song so if there is an internet dropout, it won’t affect playback.

As far as notifications, just put your iDevice in do not disturb.

It seems good for when that someone inevitably comes up and has a request for a new hot song (I have found some of my best tracks through mid set requests). I like that with Djay 2 you can use your own library and Spotify in tandem.

Now if only I could figure out how to cross activate my FX pack I bought on iPad to use on my iPhone version as I have a set where I might need to use Spotify and they have no internet at the venue for the iPad, so I might attempt to use the phone WeGO3 combo…First World Problems…

If you do 1 or 2 gigs a month, well… not considered PRO in my book. Do you rely on Spotify for your music or do you buy your music from other sources?

I am talking to PRO dj’s, who do this for a living. Would you EVER reply on Spotify?

Just wondering if they implemented this for the pro dj or the bedroom dj?

Airplane mode? Are you dj’ing with an iPhone or iPad?

Not knocking anyone for using their technology. But the technology is ONLY as good as the wi-fi signal. There is NO cacheing playlists from Spotify for us with Djay Pro. It’s not allowed through Apple.

I would NEVER rely on Spotify as a professional. I prefer to own my music.

Perhaps Apple Music will allow for cacheing offline files. We will see if the technology catches up.

Don’t believe me… look at all the posts where people have problems using Spotify. I am not making this up… look for yourself.

Not any pro dj’s using an iPad to gig with.

And, you can’t cache your tracks on a Mac.

DJ Magic Moments is the pro-est DJ name I’ve ever seen.

I don’t call myself a pro, but i am a mobile dj and i have 1 or 2 gig’s a month. I have a pretty professional looking setup and do a lot of weddings. Always used my laptop, with serato, or vdj, depending on controller, with my own music bank.
When djay intgrated spotify, i bought a ipad and beatpad and started using djay/spotify. This has not let me down. I allways have my laptop, with a second controller and vdj standby. Till now, i did not have to use it.
Also i have my cellphone 4g no data limit standby. This phone can act as my own superfast hotspot in case something goes wrong with the local internet.
Please dont bash me for using the ipad. It works great for me.

No one posts when it al works well. Most of the spotify troubles i read, are user related.
It has not let me down yet and you don’t even need ultrafast wifi. As long as you know the music a bit.

But true. I do not rely on it all the way. I have my own library of 70.000 songs, (like you djmm) for the no wifi gig’s. I have not run into them yet.

I was djing in a venue last weekend and had three separate people come over asking for requests who seemed to be stunned that I was not using spotify. I don’t know any djs who are using spotify during their sets, but there must be some who are.

I much prefer having my own music. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but where is it written that a DJ should have every song available in case it is requested?

I always use spotify to DJ with. I primarily do weddings and private parties. You can cache your main music (ceremony, reception, first dances, etc.) so you don’t need wifi. If the venue doesn’t have wifi, I have my phone for hotspot. It has never failed me and I do about 100 gigs a year. With spotify and djay2, I can mix on the fly. Also, if the customer has spotify, they can pick the exact songs they want and then send me their playlist. I once did a wedding in the middle of nowhere with no cell reception and no wifi. I cached all my playlists and there wasn’t a song requested that i didn’t have.

If you are a club DJ, then spotify may not be for you, but it works great for me. I make about many many thousands a year in revenue (on top of my 9 to 5) and I have 20 million songs at my disposal while paying $10 a month for a legal streaming service. If that doesn’t make me a pro, then so be it, but I live a comfortable life and have 100’s of happy clients.

To be a good DJ, you need an awesome setup with quality components, amazing lighting setup and a charismatic personality. Just because someone takes advantage of 21st century technology, it doesn’t make them any less of a professional. Work smarter, not harder and for God’s sake, check your ego at the door.

Why are you on an algoriddim forum if you are knocking others for using their technology? Oh and by the way, you need to have every song at your disposal. A client’s guest is going to be very disappointed if they have songs (at their fingertips) that you don’t have. If you are at a party and everyone wants to hear a song that you don’t have and someone says, “here hook up to my iphone”, you should hang your head in shame. Having what the client wants get’s you referrals

If you cache your playlists in spotify app on the iPad or device you are using, you can use delay to play them.

Can’t believe I’m just seeing this. Especially since Spotify is going away this week. What kind of person gets to decide if you’re a “pro” or not? Hopefully after 5 years you’ve seen that all roads point to streaming bring the next step in DJing.

Or maybe you’re still banging with 78rpm’s and dual Victrolas


Very well said

By Caching your Spotify Playlists you must mean using the actually Spotify App on your ipad or laptop to play via offline use. You can’t play Spotify files via DJay 2 or Djay Pro without an internet connection… and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that YOU DO NOT MENTION YOU USE SPOTIFY in Public during a Paid Gig. Save you or the venue you are playing at some BIG FINES

Where have you been the last 4-5 years as MANY PRO DJs use an IPad to DJ with…By PRO I AM ASSUMING YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT CLUB LEVEL DJs performing In Las Vegas, LA, San Diego, Reno, New York etc 4-5 Nights a week. Surely you are meeting this criteria as a PRO DJ being that you refer to yourself as a PRO DJ.

Interesting article link here. It’s actually against Spotifys t&c’s to DJ commercially with Spotify. Spotify is purely for none commercial use.…