Are there any audio interfaces working w/ iPad Air/DJay/iOS8???

Since iOS 8 my iMic doesn’t work on my iPad Air (at same time as headphones out).
I also bought a Traktor Audio 2mkII, that didn’t work either, so I returned it.

So now I have no pre-cueing on the iPad which forces me to bring the Mac to gigs. I got the iPad to use so I wouldn’t have to bring my Mac as it’s my video editing machine and I’m scared someone will pour a drink on it (and DJay for iPad is just so much more enjoyable to use).

I have 2-4 DJ-gigs a week currently. I need to get the cueing on the iPad to work again. Are there ANY small, sub €100 interface that is functional with iPad Air and iOS8? Those split audio cables are not an option.
I only want two stereo outputs for main out and headphones, nothing else. As small as possible.


The Traktor Kontrol Z1 works. All the main features are disabled, but you get proper pre-cueing (automagically detected by djay iOS) with control over the main volume, cue volume and cue mix.

Input is USB
Output is 2x RCA
Headphone is 1/8th inch
Plus it charges the iPad. The setup has lots of wires but it works like it should.

I’m still trying to find other devices that do the same and hopefully have better compatibility with djay.