Are there plans for supporting the Denon MC7000 natively?

I’m using Djay Pro for a while now on a self-mapped controller, and I’m planning to switch over to the Denon MC7000. So I want to ask if you have plans for supporting this controller? I really would like to continue working with Djay, but I already had problems with my Gemini G4V, so I think with the MC7000, this doesn’t become better^^.
Apart from that, thanks for your good support and a great piece of software.

I want also native support for MC 7000

Me too. I also have a MC 7000.
I don’t like controller with embedded Software on very slow Prozessors . It the wrong way to go. I perfer Computer.

I hope the MC 7000 will be supportet very soon. The controller is very similar to the Pioneer SZ2.

I want also native support for MC 7000

I want also native support for MC 7000

Hello, Lukas E.
Is there any way to Map Button Pads.(CUE, ROLL, SLICER, SAMPLER) Denon MC7000?. Thank you

Would definitely like to see this.
An “MC7000 + iPad running DJay” combination would hopefully be a better “no laptop” solution than Engine on the MCX8000.

Nice one!
If we could just get the channel meters working, this would be good enough for me.

Would really love Djay Pro support for my new MC7000. Love my controller and love your software. Let’s marry them together! :slight_smile:

Any chance of getting native support for the MC7000? MC6000 and MC4000 have it, why not this one??

Hey Sikto,

thank you for your post. I added your post to the user request list in order to push the implementation.

Thank you for sharing, we will keep you posted.

Cheers,Lukas E.


Love my sz but this one is smaller and sound better! Please support!

I also have a MC 7000. I did my own mapping works a lot, but some features do not work out there. If you would like to send your test file to you. They are little things.

Inoperative, Potential Meters.
Inoperative, Led Ring.
Inoperative, Browse knob rotation
Unable to Map Button Pads.

Hello try mine. I’m working on it and improving it. Of course, all features can not be reached at this time. But it’s enough to mix in Djay Pro.…

The meters should work automatically via the sound card. They are going to map but the volume level I do not show, just the knob position knob.

Measuring should work automatically. They are mapping, but I do not show the volume level, just the position of the button.

Please support 1 voice more

I’ve just bought mc 7000.
would like native support for it.