Are there step-by-step instructions for creating my own sample packs in djay2 for iPad?

Specifically: I have playlists of MP3 sound effects in iTunes. I would like to be able to access these sound effects via pushbutton on the samples pack screen.

Please try the following:

(1) Import the sample files to djay through iTunes File Sharing. Simply drag and drop the files into djay’s File Sharing Section.

(2) Create a Sample Preset:

(2.1) Tap “Edit” below the sampler volume slider.
(2.2) Tap “+” on the upper corner of a sample pad and select your sample.
(2.3) Repeat 2.2 for all 12 sample pads.
(2.4) Tap the music note icon above the sampler volume slider to open the presets menu.
(2.5) Tap “Save New Preset”.

The current sampler configuration is now saved in a new preset. You can access these presets under “My Presets”. There, you can also rename (or delete them).

I was about to ask the same question. We need the ability to create our own sample pack from mp3 sound effects.

did anyone manage to get their own recording sample to show up instead of having to load it on to a deck.

what do you mean with “file sharing”. Where exactly do I have to save my samples into ? I created a playlist in itunes. The samples wont show up in “My samples” in djay2. Please, help!

Yess, it was!

Hi Lena Wicke-Aengenheyster,

you can find the file sharing by connecting your iPad to your computer/Mac 's iTunes. Click on the iPad and select “Apps”. Now scroll down till you find the “File Sharing” listing.
Here you can drag and drop your samples in.

Hope this was helping.

Cheers,Lukas E.

gud day can i have an video tutorial on this

For anyone who has found this page through google, I found the following instructions on algoriddim’s site, and they work find for both Djay 2/Pro:

How to add an audio sample to djay 2/ Pro?

The above is about how to get your own audio samples into Djay from your computer.

Further, what isn’t immediately obvious is that you can also save your own sample pack and even more exciting, you can record samples from any of the decks you are playing.

To create your own sample pack:

  1. Open the Sampler

  2. Click Edit (Djay2), or the Pen icon (Djay Pro), both located at the bottom of the sample. A double quaver symbol will appear in the top right corner of each pad.

  3. Select any pad you wish to assign a sample to by clicking on the double-quaver symbol. This will open a small popup giving you the options Sample Packs | My Samples at the top.

  4. If you want to assign a sample from a pack which Djay2/pro ships with, select a pack from under Sample Packs, and then select the respective sample. Otherwise select My Samples and select one of your own samples. Also note you can set the color of the sample at the bottom.

  5. Repeat step 4 as many times as you like until you have a sample pack you want to keep.

  6. Optionally: and here is how you can record samples from the decks: click on either of the deck buttons at the bottom of the popup, above the colors, to start recording a sample from the deck, and let go to stop recording. This feature is priceless IMHO, and I’m amazed that in over 18 months of owning the product I’ve never seen it.

  7. Once you have included all the samples you require, you need to save your new sample pack. This is the most important step to get right, and if you forget it, you will essentially lose this sample pack when you come back. Click the double-quaver sign in the middle of the sampler at the top. It should be above the name of the current sample pack. When you click it, you will see a menu listing all the sample packs (Sample Presets) that are currently included, and next to it a button labelled “My Presets”. At the bottom is the button you want: “Save New Preset”.

  8. Click on “Save New Preset”. A new preset will appear under My Presets, and it will be called “Preset n” (n being the next preset number starting at 1.) To rename it (or delete it) click on the (i) information icon for that Preset, and then click on its name to update it.

These are extremely powerful features, and I hope someone finds this information useful.