Are you planning to add play count integration?

Lots of my smart playlists on iTunes have play counts integrated and I would like the Djay app to update those play counts to accurately reflect what I play out.
Is this a feature that can be added? If so, when are you planning to implement it?

Would using iTunes Match solve this issue?

How about on the Mac version, Anders?

Any update this this?


I see the new version is out… Does it keep track of playcount as of yet?

Just downloaded it… The answer looks to be a big no… That’s too bad. I would use this exclusively . I need playcounts to keep track of my playlists and how they update.

I dont use this software because of this issue… What is everyone using to play and manage music now?

Unfortunately iOS doesn’t currently allow to update the play count in the music library, since the library is read-only. We have requested the ability to update the play count from Apple, so hopefully this will be possible in a future iOS version.

Unfortunately iOS doesn’t currently allow to update the play count in the music library, so it’s not possible to implement this feature for us. :frowning:

YES a thousand times YES.

Yes this would be very good to have as i never know when i have already played the song

iPhone and iPad

I make my ringtones and text tones with this app to its better than any ringtone app out there… I record it and the playback don’t lose no quality…i wonder if they have changed it were it save the recordings in m4p

Instead of updating the play count in the itunes library, can’t djay 2 just keep track of the songs played all on it’s own? There could be a button somewhere to reset the count for each session. I’d guess that most event DJs would only want to see a play count for that event, and then would want to reset the count for the next night/event.

I’d think that wouldn’t be too hard to do, simply keeping a log of what’s been playing with a timestamp, and then clearing that log whenever the user taps a button. The only alternative is writing down each song as you play it…bummer.

Can the itunes library / the play count on the mac be updated by djay? That would be a very cool feature for me!

Will it be possible with iOS 8?

I think this is a good idea, but a different use case.

Thinking about this, since you can export the playlist (at least on the mac version I am not sure about the iOS versions), if you export the playlist at the end of your set, then you could create playlists within iTunes to reflect what you played. Not a true count list sure, but you could track what it is a bit more.

There may not be an API for this but AppleScript can update this count. So it is very much possible to do. I have an AppleScript made by Doug Adams ( that I paid a donation to. Now I have a pulldown option in iTunes that lets me make the count anything I want for any selected song or songs. This tells me that it is likely possible to make DJay do this too. I am not sure it would be super high on the priority list but I think it would be a cool feature option.


this would be a very useful feature for Pro Dj’s, a list showing top 100 tracks played on a continuously updating basis, plus a play count for all tracks played, kept within DjPro, nothing to do with iTunes.

rgds Tim