Artist / Song Info Duplicated 5x

The song info used to be normal. Song, artist, time, genre. Now the same info is listed 5 times all in the same line. After several shots of booze that usually happens but I’m wondering how the hell that happened and how to remedy it. I’m guessing I have to delete the program and get another one and try again. Anybody run into that? I have DJay Pro and that ones cool.

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Can you contact us via for further help?

Lukas E.

Hey Richie Tunes,

we will look into your mail.

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For all future users which are getting duplicated Song informations in djay 4:

Please contact us via

Cheers,Lukas E.

Lukas- I have same prob. Mine dups 2x. I run Djay 4 on MAC Book Pro with iTunes. Have you received any response??