ASIO audio hardware supported by djay for Mac?

Hi all,
I’m looking for an external microphone solution to use with djay on a MacBook Pro. I’ve tried a Sony PS3 USB microphone adapter which works but introduces an unacceptable delay for the microphone input (it is difficult to talk if you hear your voice with a half-second delay).

I’m no Mac audio expert in any way, but I’ve read that audio hardware with ASIO/Core Audio drivers has much lower latency. Hence my question: can I use an ASIO compatible USB adapter (such as the Roland UA-11) with djay? Will djay support any audio hardware that works with Macs in general?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Steffen,

Generally speaking, yes, you can pretty much use any audio hardware that works on your Mac. Though, some (cheaper) hardware cannot be used in combination with other audio devices.

I recommend purchasing and using a multi-channel sound card with a Mic input.

Hm, nobody knows?

Bear with me if the question isn’t clear, I’m really new to all this. If I bought the Roland UA-11 for example, could I plug in a microphone and use it with djay for Mac?

Thanks Warren,
I found a cheap UA-11 Duo-Capture, so I just bought it. It works perfectly, the microphone delay is almost completely gone. The UA-11 works great as output device, too, leaving the headphone socket for pre-cueing.


which sound card(s) would u recommend?