Assign deck 1 & 2 of djay pro to ch 3 & 4 on DDJ-RX

Please help.

I need the option for using deck 3 & 4 in 2 deck mode! I’m using my technics 1200’s which have to go into ch 1 & 2 in my DDJ-RX. Anybody know of a way to route deck 1 & 2 of djay pro to ch 3 & 4 on my DDJ-RX?

…in addition…perhaps if this is not possible then all I need to do is switch the pc > phone on front of controller when wanting to play Vinyl. Is that correct?.

Guess then only downside is I cannot mix all 4 channels if i wanted to…

Hi @Entech70,

Thanks for sharing in the community!

For clarification, could you share which device you are using djay on and the version of djay that you are using?

Looking forward to your reply!

It is a Pioneer DJ rx controller with latest vers of djay pro ai.