Assign Effects to part of Neural Mix

like on the Mac version, I would like to be able to assign effects to part of neural mix on the iPadOS/ iOS versions. for example, an echo out on only the vocals or drums.

Hi there, that’s easily done.

See the attached screenshots which hopefully show you how….

Same process on both but the screens look slightly different.

Hope that’s helped…



Thanks a lot, greatly appreciated.

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@max_mtl you can also use Neural Mix Instant FX which work great when you midi map them to pads on a controller. This is basically how Serato has implemented it.

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Yeah. Tried that but I want echo out 1 beat and it’s not available to map.

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Hi @max_mtl,

Thank you for your post and welcome back to the djay community!

I am pleased to say that @sooteee’s instructions are indeed how you can achieve the effect you are looking for, and I would like to thank them as well for providing the screenshots for reference!

We appreciate you both being users of djay and members of our community!

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Would be great to have the chance to midi map that

Four upper buttons select drums, harmony, vocals or disco

Lower buttons: apply fx1 apply fax 2 apply fax 3


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