Assign Effects to TOUCH FX on Beatpad2

Hey guys =)

How do you assign different FX on the TOUCH FX pads on the beatpad 2 ? I did not figure out how to change which pad controls which effect and have been stuck wit the “presets”


Hey thanks for the reply :wink:

Indeed I can easily change the 4 FX under JOG FX but isnt there any way to change those 8 under TOUCH FX ?

thx mate

Hi there. If you hold shift and press the pads you change through the effects. You can have two at the same time one from top and one from the bottom. So with 4 pads at the top and bottom you easily customise your effects to how you want.

Oh yeah I see what you mean. No they are preset ones that can’t be changed. Hey do you know the looping has been changed now too. Before could only go to 8 bars but now it’s 32.