Assign one MIDI control knob/fader/button to multiple functions in DJay Pro AI

Will DJay Pro AI for iOS ever allow one MIDI CC message to be assigned multiple actions?

For example one MIDI slider controls the tempo of multiple decks, so that when you move the slider on your controller the pitch of all 4 Decks changes in unison?

Is this maybe already possible and if so how?

Hi Disound

Not sure if you got any further with your issue but I was doing what you wanted with Djay, Eight years ago. Unfortunately the feature still hasn’t been added internally to control multiple controls with one midi command so I’m still making my own modifications with Djay AI.

To do what you want. You have to edit the midi mapping file yourself outside of djay.
When you look at the contents with a Plist editor (free in App Store) you will see for example (numbers will vary based on controller) that turntable1.speed uses midi command 13 and turntable2.speed uses midi command 14.
By simply changing turntable2.speed to 13, both djay deck 1 & 2 pitch sliders will now be controlled by your controllers deck 1 pitch control. You can similarly change deck 3 and 4 so they all use the same midi command and thus the same hardware control.

There are lots of other things you can add if you spend a little time working out what controls what.

For example. In djay IOS there is no way to stop a Sample from playing once it has started and if it’s a 30 second sample you pressed by mistake the only thing you can do is turn the sample volume down and wait for it to finish playing before you select another one (nightmare).

Djay does however give you a midi command for each of 16 samples to stop them playing, but this means you need to assign 16 buttons on your controller to stop individual samples playing & if you started the sample by touching the screen you have to find the right controller button to stop it hahaha.

By doing what I said above for the speed controls, you can assign all 16 sample stop controls to one button/midi command on your controller and instantly stop any or all of the 16 samples that are playing.

Just a couple of examples for you.


Interested in your response on mapping multiple commands to a single key. So on my traktor mapping for the mixtour I have loop, play, tempo sync and beat sync all activated on the same key stroke. Is this possible. Also is it possible to create a beat jump of 32 beats by editing file. Lastly what program do you edit in. Thanks for your help. Do I have to duplicate commands.

In djay on iOS, if you swipe left on the MIDI assignment, you get the option to Duplicate or Delete it. Duplicate places a second command right below the original. You can then click on it and assign a second function to the same knob/button/fader.

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