assigning players windows version

hi all, just got the demo to see will it work for me, using a numark dxm 01 usb mixer which has two built in soundcards, in the options the program can see both soundcards but doesn’t let me assign them to each player, ive clicked external mixer and still the same, any ideas ?

Hi Noel,

can you tell us how you are connecting the mixer to your Windows device?

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Hi noel,

I see. At the moment we are not able to support the usage of two Soundcards parallel as one (called Aggregate Device). We are working on it. 

Hi lukas, connection is usb, both soundcards of the mixer appear in the list of devices but I don’t see any option to assign them to different players