Audio Controls not working on Bluetooth Devices - Keyboard, Trackpad, Headset, Headphones

DJay Pro on Mac Sierra 10.12.3
Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Apple TrackPad
B&O Bluetooth Wireless Headphone H7 & H9
B&O Bluetooth Wireless Headset H5
Sennheiser PXC 550 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone

Only the Volume Up/Down control works FROM these devices WIRELESSLY.
NOTHING else works wirelessly: Forward, Reverse, Stop, Pause, etc.
(Works when you click on the app itself on the MAC)

Is this a “user error”? App issue? OS issue?


  1. These controls work on both DJay Pro and DJay 2 on the iPhone, iPad Pro, iPad Air, Samsung S7 Edge, Samsung Note 4 Edge, and Samsung Note 5.
  2. Not a professional DJ. Most app features lost on me!
  3. When do we begin to get discounts for being return customers? LOL

Thanks for a beautifully crafted app.