Audio copy and paste cashes target app

I have DJay for iPad and iPhone5. When I paste recordings from either to the NanaStudio app the NanaStudio app crashes. I can paste to MusicStudio, but the sample is unusable it is full of static.

Please help

Hi Jonny,

It sounds like neither NanaStudio nor MusicStudio supports djay’s recording format (AIFC).

As an experiment, please try pasting the recording to djay’s turntable. You can also try to copy a song from MusicStudio and paste it to djay.

Hi Warren,

Thanks for the quick reply. The issue is with unsupported file format.

I downloaded the app AudioShare and converted the DJay sample to WAV format for import to NanoStudio and MusicStudio,

Thanks again

Is there anyway I can copy my music from the DJ mixer pro app and paste it to the djay 2 app