Audio cut out after upgrading to iOS 10.2

I just upgraded my iPad Air to iOS 10.2 and since then Djay Pro audio cuts out every 2-3 mins. Using Pioneer WEGO4 and did not have this problem on iOS 10.1. The tracks do not stop playing, the audio drops from the WEGO4 output and plays through the iPAD speakers and then will reconnect. Suspect it’s something to do with USB. This started exactly after 10.2 upgrade so can’t see it being a hardware or cable issue. Have tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling but no change.\

Please advise?

Have you checked if there is a firmware upgrade for the WEG04 ?

The thing to bare in mind is the complexity and potential for change / faults in fairly large OS updates (10.2) along with interaction with iPad hardware & DJay hardware.

i.e: always leave it a while before upgrading - let other people to risk to upgrade unless it fixes a specific bug. Essential to keep your DJ hardware setup stable. I am sticking with iOS 9.3.5 for now.

Search online if you can downgrade to 10.1

No firmware upgrade available. Still on version 1.0 for WEGO4 on Pioneer site.

I’d been running 10.2 on my iPad Pro 12.9" for about a week without any issues. Unfortunately the WEGO4 won’t work on the Pro as it’s not supported. Gonna try a factory reset and try on a clean build but if still an issue then yeah will need to try for 10.1. Might consider 9.3.5 too. Cheers.

Have the wego4 and it runs great in an iphone 6SE, but on an ipad mini 2, it only registers the audio interface, but not the midi! have no clue why

running ios 10.2 on both devices, anybody else has this problem?