Audio device setup problem (with WEGO2)

Mac, iPad2, iPhone6 users +Wego2. They all have Djay 2 apps, but try to use in my iPhone6 still doesn’t work audio service… (see pic) Why doesn’t work in iPhone speakers when I try to playing wego2…
can anybody help me? (only can use with headphone)

First make sure you use an original cable, i think a camera connection kit.

Please check if your Wego2 is alright. Therefore, open the iPhone Preferences, tap “General” and “About”. Once being connected, the Wego2 should be listed here.

I’m sorry, Kim, but once a controller sound card is connected, the Main Output and Pre-Cueing always goes through the sound card, not the iPhone.
Make sure your speakers are connected to your Wego 2.

I cant get my wego2 to work with my iphone 6plus I dont get the pioneer logo accross the screen

Adrian is there no firmware upgrade which will allow you to play the music from the ipod i am using bluetooth Bose speaker it would be nice to have the choice of where I want to route the sound