Audio dropout when scrolling/searching through library

Hi: as the title states: I’ve been having an issue that goes back to djay pro 2. When i scroll/search through my library: the audio goes from normal volume to drastically dropped (almost as if someone suddenly grabbed the playing fader and lowered it). I have a controller: ddj sz2 that i use with djay and i don’t have any other gear that’s compatible so i cannot really test it further.

Edit: i am on mac os 10.14/15 (monterey) and the djay pro version is 4.0.3

What Mac are you on?

If you’re using an external monitor you could try to lower the resolution (long shot). Also, all other apps are killed?

Hi: im on a 2015 mbp 15’ no external monitor

Edit: i should mention that im running two external hds