Audio Fade Out and Fade In

When using the standard transition, how do i do for one song to fade out while NOT immediately fading in the new one? I mean, I want to listen the incoming song full sound while the last song is fading out… (I hope my comment was at least a bit clear, lol)

Yes!!..and in addition, I would like the option to do this automatically for an entire playlist, so I don’t have to mix each song. Essentially like iTunes/Preferences/Playback crossfade feature.


Sorry, I’m confused. :slight_smile:

To fade from one song to the other, all you have to do is basically move the crossfader gradually from side A to side B.

Hey Warren!
Thanks for the reply. Actually what I am trying to do is when using the Automix.
I would like to fade one song to other but with the new song starting when the crossfader is halfway from A to B, and not when the crossfader is starting to move from A to b which is the default setting.

This is something I was wondering as well. Basically with automix it would be great to just have the ending song fade out in those 3 seconds (default setting) and have the new song start playing immediately at full volume in the middle of that fade out (thus 1,5 seconds before the end in this example)