Audio from Right Deck/Deck 2 coming out of Left Channel/Deck 1

  • Device model: MacBook Air (M1, 2020)
  • Version of operating system: Monterey 12.0.1
  • Version of djay: 5.0.3
  • Hardware/controllers used: Pioneer-DDJ-REV7

The Audio from my right deck on the REV-7 (and also the XDJ-XZ) comes out of the left deck or Channel 1. You can see the level/signal on the mixer showing this. The left side signal is going up and down while there is nothing on the right. This happens when I’m in internal mode. In External mode everything works fine but then I lose the midi control for the DJ Pro Software so I can’t use Fader FX and Tempo Blend. :disappointed:

I want to be able to use the CrossFader FX and Tempo Blend. This is why I’m in internal mode. Does anyone know why this is happening and know how to fix it? This doesn’t happen with the REV-1 Everything works great. Same with the Mixon-8. They control everything while you are in internal mode and the Audio behaves appropriately. I’m trying to get this to work as I’ve just gone threw 2 Mixon-8’s in the last six weeks. Both failed me. (Boo!!!) I’m working on this while I’m waiting for the 3rd Mixon-8. (Hope this one’s a charm)

Not all hardware is created equal.

Some devices are designed to be used like an external mixer, with sigmals from each deck going out via separate audio channels. Others are designed only as controllers for operating the onboard mixer, with just a master and heaphone feed to the audio interface.

Occassionally a device will be capable of working both ways, but mostly the internal hardware design dictates what it’s capable of. It’s not always possible to use a unit in a different mode.

It seems the REV7 is designed to be used in external mode only (this is the setup in VDJ for example).


Hi @DjJoeMatt, thanks for the details and explanation of your issue. I don’t have access to your specific hardware, but there are a few things we can check…

  1. Please change djay to 4 Deck Mode and share a full screenshot including your Crossfader.
  2. Also, a screenshot of your djay Settings>MIDI Devices>SCRATCH SETTINGS.
  3. A screenshot of your djay Settings>Audio Devices with Mixer Mode set to Internal and the Main Output dropdown menu expanded. I’m showing an example via my iPad with a Reloop Ready, but it should look pretty similar on your Mac.
  4. Finally a screenshot of the same page in Step 3, but with Mixer Mode set to External.

@PKtheDJ absolutely my man. I wish there was a list that explained that. There are multiple sources that show the Rev-7 and XDJ-XZ as compatible with DJ Pro and for the most part they are. It’s just that since the 5.0 update and the introduction of Fader FX and Tempo sync you can only control those in internal mode so if the controller doesn’t function in internal mode you can’t use the function as it’s dictated by fader movement. I’m so happy with the Rev-7 I just want to fader to control the software. I’ve mapped everything and it works but all the audio is coming out of the left channel so I’m fudged. Booo!!! Thanks for the response.

Hey @Slak_Jaw thanks for trying to help. I don’t know how much this will help as the settings are a bit different on Mac OS vs iOS but here are the screen shots. Also there is no MIDI Devices Scratch Mode tab in Mac OS. So if you want want me to confirm any of the settings there, let me know and I’ll check them for you.

Looking at that last pic, in practice DJay should not be offering modes to the user that they can’t use on the connected device.

i.e. DJay should be aware that a REV7 is connected (from VID & PID) and disable the internal option.

@PKtheDJ Exactly sir. That’s what I was thinking. I literally bought a Mixon 8 just so I could have these fader FX and Tempo Sync on a nice piece of gear. It’s so funny to me that the REV 1 unit works but the Rev 7 pushes the audio from both decks out of the left side of the mixing board. Fascinating to say the least.

I didn’t post this before but I just returned my second Mixon 8 today. The Cross Fader failed after a month. (Can you believe it?) So bummed yo. I just want to use the dang updated software. Trying to catch a break over here. :unamused: I’m not impressed with the build quality of Mixon 8. (Or the return process). I had to pay for the shipping back to get the warranty claim. Feel like I should get some swag or something. Maybe just a virtual hug from an employee. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the screenshots @DjJoeMatt. I’ve submitted a query to the engineering team to confirm if the REV7 or XZ can be used with Internal Mixer Mode or not.

In the meantime, it’s a bit of a long shot, but do you have Invert Crossfader enabled in the djay Settings or perhaps on your hardware? Also, have you checked to see if there’s a firmware update on the Pioneer REV 7?

I’m pretty sure they’re both external mix only.

VirtualDJ’s user guides are a good way to check, as they will mention if it’s possible to configure in different ways.

Also the Pioneer driver util has a “mixer mode” page for configuring internal or external use, on models that support both (i.e. DDJ-RZ). This page is not present on the driver util if the unit can’t be switched.

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Thanks for the info @PKtheDJ. I suspect you are correct, but I’ll report back here when I get confirmation.

Defnitely have the latest firmware. I don’t where to find invert crossfader option on Mac OS. I don’t know what it would do anyways since the audio is coming out of only one channel anyways. :pensive: Your help is so appreciated @Slak_Jaw

The funniest thing is that the Rev1 works in internal mode but the Rev7 does not. :unamused:

It’s common for the cheaper controllers to be internal mix only, because they are literally just controllers rather than mixers with internal audio circuitry.

Hi @DjJoeMatt, I spoke with the engineering team and it is as suspected:

  1. Generally hardware that uses external mixer mode cannot be used in internal mode in a usable way.
  2. Since the hardware has separate input channels per deck the only thing you could do is send the master signal from djay to one of the decks, but then moving the crossfader / line faders on the hardware will attenuate that signal, and there is generally no way to disable mixing in the hardware.
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Thanks for the confirmation. It’s interesting. My mind is curious what the difference is inside of the Rev 1 vs the Rev 7. It works so well with the little guy in internal. :blush: Appreciate the help @Slak_Jaw :pray:t3:

@Slak_Jaw Everything I want is available in external mode except you lose the CrossFader FX and Tempo Sync Pull down menu because the CrossFader is gone. Do you think there is a work around that is possible to update in the future? All I want to do is use the new feature with my Rev 7. :pensive:. I’m waiting for my Mixon 8 to be repaired for the second time in 6 weeks. It’s disappointing. I hope it just works this time with no issues. Both of the times I’ve returned it are because the crossfader failed which of course makes the use of the CrossFader FX not work. I love the idea of the controller a lot. But The Cross Fader is cheap and you have to take off the entire face of the controller just to access it. Plus I’ve had to pay shipping to send it back and insurance on the package. Got my fingers crossed. I really like DJ Pro. I just need it to work reliably. You know.

Just saw this. That makes sense dude.

You’re welcome @DjJoeMatt. The engineering team is already investigating options for trying to make Crossfader FX work with External Mixer Mode. You can cast your vote to add this functionality on this existing topic: Crossfader FX with External Mixer Mode. Please understand, however, that this is a complex problem, that may not be technically solvable due to how external mixer hardware works.

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