Crossfader FX with External Mixer Mode

It would be nice to be able to use the volume faders, the cross fader and the monitor output of the internal mixer even if the output routing is set to external mixing mode.

Basically I want to use all features of DJAY PRO but also want to process the output further in other software/hardware in external mode but keep the NEURAL MIX FADER.

So in internal mode mix to be able to route each deck witjh 1/2 3/4 5/6 7/8 output. or to keeo in external mixer mode the internal crossfader option …

VDJ can do this and keep internal crossfadermixing.




If the software is set to external mixer mode, then the internal mixer is not used.

i.e. external = not internal. Same as if you go and stand outside your house, you are not inside your house any more.

VDJ works in exactly the same way. External mixer mode does not use the internal (software) mixer.

Please stop, you don’t understand what i say. i know what you say but i can use my VDJ pro in mixed internal and external mixer… with my devices… lol …

I’ve been using VirtualDJ for 16 years - I know how it works.

To backup my statement, here’s a quote from the manual:

“With the audio routing done exclusively through the external mixer, the internal mixer of VirtualDJ (Volume faders, EQ, Crossfader ,PFL) will remain untouched as there is no way for an analog mixer to send a digital signal back to the software.”

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Hi @Olivier_Frappier,

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll share this with the dev team for consideration, but I’m not sure if this is technically possible.

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Hi @Olivier_Frappier,

Thanks for the suggestion!

As @Slak_Jaw stated, this has been shared with our engineering team for further consideration.

In the meantime, could you please let us know what the specific use case for this would be?

Have a great day!

The Specific use case that’s most important to me is the use of Crossfader FX and Temp Sync. Because on some controllers like the XDJ-XZ and REV 7 when you use internal mode, the master out only comes from the Channel one. Meaning the right deck audio comes from the left deck combined with the left deck. This makes the use of Fader FX impossible. (Along with Tempo Sync) I wish the team all the luck and godspeed at being able to make this work. It would be so cool to use these functions with my XZ and REV 7.

@Slak_Jaw and @NathanielAlgo what would be awesome though as I’m sure more users will encounter this dilemma. A list of what controllers do work with (don’t have the audio coming out of the channel one issue) DJ in internal mode.

I would love to see which one’s work so I can just buy it and get on with my fader FX and Tempo Sync functionality. :blush:

The 5.0 update is what brought me back. So cool. Fader FX are amazing. Just wish I could use them with something above my entry level controller. I mentioned before I purchased the Mixon 8 which totally works except I’ve had two of them die on me in the past 6 weeks and I’m in the middle of another warranty claim. Both units had crossfaders fail. :flushed:

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Hi @DjJoeMatt, I’ll see if we have any information on what hardware from our currently supported list uses internal mixer mode. If we have it, I’ll share it here.

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My doode! Thank you so much!

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