Audio hardware crash on ipad an idj pro

After turning hardware setting off once the decks have reloaded when I push it to turn on it doesn’t reload it just stays stuck in hardware on but still the music plays though the ipad . this is when I have connected it to the idj pro. As u have do this every time to clear the static problem . So stuck really reboot ipad air 2 an pushed rescan midi button but no luck either. Need help as this has only happen since updated to ios10.

Yep i will do ASAP thanks for getting back to me

I too have this issue and have had it for 2 years (static). The only way I could get the static to leave was using the hardware setting slider. NOW that has stopped working. It now will let you turn it (slider) off but when you try and turn it on, it will play music from the ipad speakers.

I have been getting increasingly frustrated with my idj pro and djay 2 and am considering a serrato solution where this stuff doesn’t happen.

I’m on ios 10 and the latest version of djay 2

Will do so this evening. Thank you…

Hi guys,

regarding the iDJ Pro, please make sure you are using the latest version of djay.

Regarding the Beatpad 2, Baron Lee please update the firmware of your controller:

Lukas E.

Hi DJ SureShot,

we are sorry to hear that. Can you contact us via and try to capture your issue via video?
That would help us tons.

To the other Users following this post, did my suggestion to update djay help?

Cheers,Lukas E.

dj_inok1, can you too please send us an exemplary video of the crash via
Thank you very much in advance, you guys are helping us to improve our software a lot.

Lukas E.

My reloop beatpad 2 is disconnecting while I’m doing after the iOS update, the music no longer plays through the beatpad and the controllers don’t respond in the app