Audio Interface for iPad Pro (no controller)

I’ve read the posts about this already and they don’t really show a solution - I’m looking for a stereo splitter to use for mains and cueing without a controller.

One post here says that the Native Instruments Traktor Audio 2 DJ works with an iPad, but right on the Native Instruments site it specifically says that it does not work with an iPad Pro for some dumb reason.

Has anyone had any luck with any other audio interface and the iPad Pro? I’ve got the 2020 iPad Pro if that helps.

Thank you!


You are correct, the Audio 2 DJ doesn’t work with iOS any more, I’m afraid. The main out channel is no longer able to output. It gets detected by the OS, but no sound is put out. I have one myself and contacted NI directly about this and they subsequently pulled support for iOS and said it was a firmware issue with the interface that won’t be fixed.

As long as the audio interface you get is USB class compliant, it should work fine. The problem you’ll have is finding one with headphone jack outputs like the Audio 2 DJ has. I honestly don’t think one exists any more?

That said, you may have luck with something similar to the Scarlett 4i4, depending on how the monitor output is routed (for example, if it’s fixed to just outputting channels 1/2, then use those as your cue monitor). It appears to work with iOS, according to the product page.

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