Audio Interfaces that allow Pre-Cueing/Charging with iPad

Please list if you know it works (or doesn’t). Also mention if it charges the iPad while in use. Also useful to know if it’s ‘Class Compliant’.

Alesis iO Dock II

  • Pre-Cueing does not work, hardware won’t allow it
  • Charges iPad while in use

Traktor Kontrol Z1

  • Pre-Cueing works! But all other features disabled except for main volume, cueing volume and cueing mix knobs.
  • Charges iPad while in use

If anyone knows - Yamaha AG03 USB Mixer which is listed as ‘Class Compliant’.

Yamaha AG03

  • still don’t know if pre-cueing via USB will work
  • but per Yamaha, it does not charge the iPad :frowning:

Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6

  • looks like the real deal, has all the fundamental DJ features, has anyone used this with djay iOS?