Audio Limiter problems

I have had constant problems with Djay 2 on iPad Air2, the gains while using two different controllers,
A vestax spin 2 and now a reloop beatpad,
What happens is, while I’m gigging at a venue, I notice that the volume is reaching peak level in the VU meters, so I gently turn the gain down a touch and it goes louder! I then turn it down again, and it goes almost silent, I then get the volume just right, then once that track has finished, I load another track and its too loud again, I then have all the fiddling with the gains to do all over again! This goes on all evening on both decks!
I have made sure all my MP3s have been normalised and are the same volume, so it’s not that!
Ive noticed that in settings>advanced I saw that Audio Limiter was OFF! and it says it “prevents clipping and distortion of the audio signal”
So is this what’s causing the problem?
Should it be turned ON?
See pic

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