audio output into external mixer

Hi @all,

have a little problem, but let me first describe my setup.
i am using a denon 4500hc as midi play and a external mixer in addition.
Could manage to map midi player without any problems, but i can not handle the audio output. both outputs are lead into one output channel so that mixing and pre listening is not possible.
Can you please describe how i can split the audio output so that pre listening and mixing is possible?

Thanks a lot guys
Greetings from Germany

In order to set up your Outputs, please do the following:

  1. Open the djay Pro Preferences > “Devices”
  2. Select “Internal”
  3. Choose your Denon for both Outputs, Main Output and Pre-Cueing
  4. Make sure the Channels are set correctly: 1-2 for the Main Output and 3-4 for the Pre-Cueing
  5. Click on “Apply”

Adrian, have you heard of any problems with unstable waveforms? The waveforms are all of a sudden drifting when beating mixing.