Audio pitch gets bent during transitions


First let me say thank you for creating an awesome product. I have been using djay since 2008 and have been extremely satisfied with nothing but the best to say about it.

I do seem to be having an odd issue with djay 3 that I never experienced on any of the older versions (i.e. djay2 etc).


  • djay version: 3.6.7
  • Phone used is: iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iOS version: 14.4.2

My issue:
When I start to mix two songs and they are playing at the same time with SYNC switched ON and beats matched up the audio output gets pitch bent during during the transition. Especially if I mover the slider or if I apply a FILTER on one song. It basically kind of stretches the Master Audio for a few seconds then returns to normal. It does this intermittently until the transition is completed. The issue happens with all songs no matter if I’m using the Apple Music Library, Tidal or songs stored in my Files folder.

Please help!!! I would really love to have this issue fixed and finally start using this app.

Thank you for your help.

Hi Jan,

Thanks for your long-time support of djay! We’re happy to have you with us. :musical_note:

Thanks also for checking in with us about the audio issue you’ve described. It looks like you’ve also contacted our Support Team via email, and since this may require getting more details from you about your individual setup, we’ll be happy to continue assisting you 1:1 via email.

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