audio problem

I have a macbook air. During audio playback, the song continues, and the audio will not play … for 3 seconds, and then resumes normal … why?
this problem, always when I use djay pro, one time for day.
thank you.

Hi walter zappia,

I am sorry I am not quite sure what problem you are facing, can you be so kind and give me an example on how to reproduce/create your issue?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Thank you for your follow up.

Can you send me an exemplary video of your issue via so I can show it the developers?

Thank you in advance.

Cheers,Lukas E.

use terminal mix 4, and pioneer ddj sx2.
not problem, the controller, is a bug

Hi Lukas…this problem forever.
I open djay pro, mp3 playback, playing with spotify, in a DJ set happen one day (the track in play you do not hear the sound 3-4 seconds, graphical wave walking)

Use MacBook Air 2015 and MacBook Pro md101t
Controller pioneer ddj sx2, reloop mix4 terminal, Xponent.
always the same problem