Audio Record with iPad Pro on Pioneer DDJ-Rev-7

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I have the following problem. I would like to record a mix. But whenever I make a recording of my mix via the DJAY app, the App shows it without sound.

My equipment consists of an iPad and the DDJ-Rev-7 controller from Pioneer. In the app, the recording input is set to ch5-6. What can I do about this?

I have also just borrowed the Reloop Flux interface. Can I connect it to my Rev-7 and then record? Would it be possible?

Or more precisely, how can I record my mix in external mode via the app?

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Hi, this is only what u need… than it will record whatever your Output is playing


Hi @phuongtastic, @DJKamyR is correct, please try setting your Rev 7 Mixer Mode to Internal. Then you can simply use the internal recording of djay. However, please note that internal recording is disabled when using music from streaming services like TIDAL, SoundCloud, Apple Music, etc.

I don’t believe it’s possible use the Rev 7 for internal mixing. It’s designed for external only, with USB audio channels routed directly to each mixer channel.

Units designed for internal mixing route the USB audio signals to master and headphones.

Pioneer do make some hardware which can be switched to use either mode, and this is reflected in the Pioneer utility settings (there’s a Mixer Mode tab). The Rev 7 util does not have this tab.

There’s a dedicated USB audio return signal specifically for recording (channels 5 & 6) so that should work if configured correctly (check the REV 7 utility).

REV7 record


That makes no sense. Rev7in internal mode plays only the deck 1 (ch1-2).

If you want to use the turntable it must be used in external mode.

Yes in the settings it is on ch5-6. It record it but with no sound…

Are the settings in the Pioneer utility as shown in the picture (Mix Rec Out)?

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