Audio Routing when using external monitor on djay PRO AI

I have tried projecting music videos from djay PRO AI on iPad to an Apple TV device connected via HDMI to TV.

The video shows but audio comes from the TV as opposed to from the iPad. This means I loose the volume controls on the connected DDJ controller.

How can I continue to route audio to the iPad as opposed to the external display?

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Go into the audio preferences in the software and change it there my friend.

I did that but the only option I get for ‘main output’ is the Apple TV device so I’m not sure how else I can route this back to the DDJ

Sometimes you need to jump through a bunch of hoops to make it work. Check this thread…

Txs. Had a look at that post but not sure how this could apply in my case - unless I didn’t understand it. The post talks about a particular sequence of connections and I have tried to first connect to the Apple TV via AirPlay (main output=Apple TV) and then connect the DDJ-SB3. As soon as I do that the main output changes from Apple TV to the DDJ out ch. 1-2 (ch. 3-4 for pre-cueing) and AirPlay goes off.

I have tried to capture my setup in the following diagram. The DDJ-SB3 is connected via an original Apple USB connector; the connector has a second port to charge the iPad. The DDJ-SB3 main out connects to a Behringer audio interface powered via a laptop. The audio out from the Behringer goes to the AVR. Apple TV is on the same Wifi network as the iPad and mirrors via AirPlay.

No matter what I do as soon as I stream to the Apple TV the main out in djay PRO AI reverts to the Apple TV and I can’t switch back to the DDJ. There’s an option Split Output for pre-cueing which is not relevant in my case as I don’t use a splitter cable.

I’m using the internal mixer mode given I connect to the DDJ-SB3. If I switch to external mixer mode while AirPlay is on I don’t get any options for routing of decks 1-4 or pre-cueing.

The iPad connector also has a HDMI out I could use to connect the TV but the distance between TV and iPad makes this impossible/impractical. What if I want to use a projector? The AirPlay route is very attractive and opens up a lot of possibilities but may not be feasible given the challenges on audio routing.

I wonder why this video mode even exists…

Ah. Excuse me. I’m not sure if you can use Airplay and the second output at the same time.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Airplay simply hijacks everything or stops working, like you are describing…

It could probably work on a Mac, but that’s not very helpful in this case.

Yeah even if if works on a Mac that doesn’t help me unfortunately

I’m waiting to hear back from a user commenting on this video Djay Pro AI Music Video Tutorial - YouTube where he described he used AirPlay to an Apple TV connected to the HDMI sound booth which was away from the DJ booth. I wonder how he got this to work; or maybe he ran the set without the pre-cue channel which is hard to believe

Now that you mention it, I think the lag between the two outputs would be almost unbearable…

Meaning this feature is almost useless for music videos as no-one would
seriously use it without the ability of a pre-cueing channel.

Would be really great to have an Algoriddim product manager comment on this.

In the context of Airplay. A direct HDMI out works fine on my iPad (using an USB hub).

Ok. I tried a HDMI connection as well but I get the same behaviour; i.e. once HDMI is plugged in the main output goes to HDMI and there are no options to select the DDJ. Is that the same in your case?

That’s why I referenced the other thread. Getting this working can be tricky, but it can work.

You have to try a couple of different options as also confirmed in Compatibility between HDMI output and Reloop buddy audio output using iPadAir

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are you serious? Dj Pro AI, born to use a classic DJ console but on iPad / iPhone and, and here we are talking about TV, HDMI and various crap?

The question is not whether this makes sense but how to get it to work
given it’s part of the functionality

The referenced options refer to HDMI connected devices whereas I’m using AirPlay. Should this still work?

Also how do I loop in Algoriddim support here as we need a formal answer to this

I’m afraid not. I suspect Airplay routes the complete signal (video + audio, using OS functionality) and in that case there’s nothing Algo can do about it.

Thanks for the response.

Well if that’s the case then it’s not useful beyond adding to the app’s spec sheet as you can’t really use it without having access to the cue channel etc.

Also the lack of responses probably indicates this is not really used… Great piece of software otherwise :sunglasses:

I would love it if Algoriddim could at least respond with possible use cases for this video mode.

I might also post this on an Apple forum to confirm this…

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@Cam_A Any word from Algoriddim?

@Alyx It’s hard to believe in the only person that has ever tried the video out via Apple AirPlay. All info I get so far is it’s not possible what I’m trying to do.

If so would appreciate a formal confirmation from Algoriddim