Audio Set up with an external sound card and headphone is no longer working properly with iOS 10.0.2

Hi, i’m using Djay2 on iPad pro with the Cayin C6 DAC for a while and was very efficient until iOS 10.0.2 update. Since the last update, set up audio shows the screen with the main output and pre cueing options but has no effect. No audio output both from iPad headphone jack and usb sound card. No button for pre cueing. Aslo tested with an ipad Air same issue. Any idea or work around ? Others than me are experiencing this serious issue ? Is Algoriddim working on this ?

Many thanks to share


Hi Olivier,

thank you for your mail.
We are aware of an audio device problem with iOS 10, unfortunately this is at the system side so we are waiting there as well.

If we find a workaround or have any other news for you we will let you know immediately.

Lukas E.

Exactly, we are hoping to receive a fix soon. Also we are checking if there is a way to work around.

Lukas E.

Hi Lukas,

Thk for having taken the time to respond, when you say “system side”, you mean iOS system side ? Does it mean this is an Apple regresion with class audio API, they are aware of it and we can hope a resolution with iOS 10.2 coming soon ?

it’s working again today with the new iOS 10.2. I’ll Never do an iOS update with my iPad sound machine before a serious Q&A. Let’s play again