Audio skips during live playback + in recorded set when adjusting key


I have been using Djay 2 since its introduction (and Djay prior to that) in combination with the Numark IDj Pro without notable issues. I use my ipad for quite a few things, but the Djay 2/IDj Pro is by far my favorite combo. It took me quite some time (and some frustration as well) to figure out, so I hope the below helps in fixing an issue I started experiencing recently.

Since I upgraded to iOS9 (latest updates installed for both iOS and Djay 2), audio playback and recording (listened to afterwards) are perfectly smooth as long as I do not change song keys.

As soon as I try to adjust the key (key symbol turns blue) on one of the decks AND start playback on that deck, audio playback and recording both start skipping / freezing.

As soon as I de-activate the functionality (key symbol grey again), skipping/freezing stops, and playback and recording return to normal.

The above occurs both with and without using the Numark, i.e. also when recreating the above directly on the ipad.

Skipping / freezing is also actually visible, i.e. the wave-form momentarily freezes whenever audio does it, so it appears to be a very brief, but frequently occurring app-freeze triggered by key adjustment.

Auto-sync works perfectly fine, unless the above issue is triggered ; in such case auto sync goes off rhythm very briefly and then repairs. Also when syncing manually, this happens, no matter how often I adjust using the jog dial.

Thanks a lot in advance for looking into this and hopefully finding a fix…