Audio splitter.

Hi everyone!

I have a output audio splitter cable (iLine - IK Multimedia) connected to my headphones and a portable speaker (Beats), but the song is still played through both the speakers and headphones at the same time. I have enabled the outspent splitter function.

Do you have any suggestion?


The issue you’re referring to only affects certain sound cards. If you have one of the affected devices, please see here:…

Hi Biel,

You do need a special split cable for “Split Output”. We recommend the Griffin DJ Cable.

The issue Richard is referring to does not affect Split Output.

Pre cue since iOS 8 hasn’t worked and we’re getting very little feedback

ok, so it’s not a problem of the splitter cable… I hope they bring us a solution soon.

Thank you!

Thank you,

will try to find it in Bangkok.