Audio stuttering and jittering

Hey guys,

Just bought a Galaxy S6 Edge and wanteed my favourite app on it, installed quickly but any song regardless of whether its on my phone or spotify is lagging and jittering as if headphones are being fiddled with, this goes for with and without headphones. Have any of you had this before? :frowning: Frustrating as its reallly putting me off using this phone if all the apps are going to be inferior to my old Iphones versions.

Having the same issue using djay Pro on Mac. Every time it happens, I come here looking for a reason or solution. I always thought it was my internet connection, but tonight I was cruisin’ at 58Mbs AND the song was already loaded. Note that if you’re using the Spotify application then load a song to djay Pro, the Spotify app pauses stating that the account is being used elsewhere. But if you resume playing music on the Spotify app, you can still play the song you loaded on djay Pro. Which leads me to believe that once the song is loaded, it becomes a temp file. So why would it sputter?! I couldnt test it for sure because once you disconnect from the wifi djay Pro goes offline as well.

I have the same issue. I simply disabled the time stretch button and it doesn’t give me the stuttering audio problem. It sucks because I really need the time stretch button for my remixes. Please djay fix this problem asap

I have the same problem Chris, but with Djay when using the idjpro controller and my ipad 2.

I have had no feedback/support from Algoriddim as to why this is occurring yet

On my Samsung galaxy s6 I also have an audio issue… Dropouts, lags, stuttering, jittering… Perhaps the s6 can’t process quick enough for this app… And help would be appreciated. I love this app on my iPad but would love to be able to use my phone for those sneaky sessions…