Audio Unit Plug-ins on Master out?

Anyone out there know if I can use AU (Audio Unit) plug-ins on the master out with Djay Pro? I use Enttec DMXIS to control my lights and they have an AU plug-in that will keep my lights in sync with the master tempo, but it really works best if I can keep it on the master out and not a single deck channel. Also as a side question, how is stability with 3rd party AU plug-ins? Thanks for any information!

djay Pro supports AU effect plug-ins. You can load them for each Deck individually, but not on the overall Master. Please note that instrument plugins aren’t supported.
Check out if your plug in works using the djay Pro trial:

Cool, I’ll check out the demo version, thanks for the reply. Do you have a feature request section where someone could request master channel effects inserts? Or at least someway to send MIDI beatclock out to another device for syncing additional gear such as DMX control systems?