AUM and or Audiobus Support????

The new NM update is FIREEE!!! Is there some reason why AUM and Audiobus are not supported at this time? This app is now crucial to my AUM set and I am not sure how to route the audio into the master channel for simultaneous recording with other ipad apps and PO33ko! 

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i can also add that Djay 2 and Djay Pro were compatible with Audiobus. So i don’t know really why you removed this fantastic option. Could you bring it back please ?

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Hi James, Thank you for getting in touch and checking out our latest feature the Neural Mix. We are happy you like it as much as we do :slight_smile: Could you give us further information on your setup, how do you want to use Audiobus and AUM in conjunction with djay?

currently I am using the Ipad as studio hub with AUM as host for all apps, mixing, global effect, and recording. I plan to use the djay app to both make and play/ mix my beats and currently I can only have the app running in background. this prevents me from using auv effects on the output from djay as well as gain staging and “glueing” all audio sources together (typically pocket operator, ipad synths, and now Djay simultaneously) Does that help? even a workaround of some sort would be welcome.

Just wondering what the verdict is on IAA or AUV or audiobus support?

Nuthin’ ? :frowning: