Auto analyze for music library

I’m using djay for iPad and think you guys should make an auto song analyze button! This way we don’t have to analyze songs one at a time which is a hassle when you have in my case 800 songs! The crossDJ app for iPad has this feature and it would be a lot nicer if djay had it aswell.

I agree. It is a real hassle anlysing one at a time

This app has to go down as the best thing since sliced bread for me. I have just taken up DJing and my mixes are great (even if I say so myself!!) this app has contributed immensly to that but must be able to auto analyise. I have close to 1000 tracks doing it manually is a serious pain

I agree, DJ rig also has this feature. I’d gladly leave the ipad analyzing overnight to allow me to cue and mix from my collection instantly (currently 4000+ tracks!).

Oh, and no way am I even going to consider using any other App, Nothing comes close to your masterpiece!
Keep up the great work!