Auto bpm detection in playlists on Tidal?

Why cant the djay 3 app get the autodetection for bpm in the playlists to work in Tidal as they did in Spotify?
Now you need to load and analyze every single track in the playlists to get The bpm to show in the playlists on Tidal, Spotify bpm analyzed the whole playlists once you opened it!? Please fix it!?!

As the Spotify bought Echonest and they have invested to build features/tools to do the audio analysis.
This can be seen as for 3rd party developers there are features to read the metadata

Some of the streaming services has decided it to inlcude the bmp/key to metadata itself like Beatport.

So dj apps are doing the best they can. If metadata provided by streaming services aren’t available: we need to do the initial analysis.

It’s like if your mp3 doesn’t have any fields filled in => you need to do it by yourself. Dj pro can’t fill it for you :wink:


To add: We are working with the services to do what we can. SoundCloud now has some of the metadata, for example. It’s also important to remember we have had a long relationship with Spotify. There will be work needed to catch up to that with our current streaming partners.


If you download Tidal music to local files and import them inro Algoriddim, it should be able to detect bpm automatically.

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:mega: We’re happy to share that the ability to pre-analyze entire playlists in the TIDAL library (analyzes BPM, key, beat grid, and waveforms) has been added in the latest versions of djay Pro AI for iOS (version 3.6.7), djay Pro AI for Mac (version 3.0.9), and djay Pro for Windows (version 1.0.27707.0).

Thanks to all of you for sharing your feedback and for your patience. Happy mixing. :headphones:

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