Auto-BPM syncing

I’m trying Djay for the first time. I’ve already added BPM info to all my tracks but Djay seems to be ignoring the existing BPM info and tries to re-analyze all my tracks whenever I queue something.

Is there a way to disable BPM analysis???


PLEASE include an option to disable the beat-analyzer. It’s wrong about 20% of the time with the vintage jazz music I play at swing dances and overwrites my own measured BPMs to my frustration.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for contacting us.

djay uses its own beat-analyzer and this can’t be disabled.

That might be a good feature to add at some point.

I have a play list and want to speed it up so all songs play at 132bpm but when a new song comes on it flips bk to 130??? Is there any way to set this???

hi paulidin

its awfull with swing, boogie woogie, blues…
absolutely useless.
calculated BPM ist 4 times tooo fast.

maybe you can make it work correct?

I would like to double second this for Latin music. The beat analyser drives me nuts. I am going to stop using DJay because it just generates confusion.