Auto BPM Unreliable on Pioneer DJM-S11


Mixer: Pioneer DJM-S11
Djay Pro Version: 5.03
Turntables: Pioneer PLX-CRSS12s (in DVS relative mode)

The Auto-BPM feature on the S11 doesn’t seem to work reliably with Djay Pro. In most instances when I load a track, the bpm on the S11 doesn’t accurately reflect the bpm being shown in Djay Pro. In some rare instances, the S11 bpm will reflect what’s shown in Djay Pro; but the behavior is unpredictable.

As a workaround I can tap in the bpm, but it would be awesome if I didn’t have to do that. Is this a known issue or should the S11 be reliably reflecting what’s in the software?

Any insight would be super helpful. Thanks!


I think they need to iron out the kinks with the S11. The last time I used DJ Pro with my S11, the waveforms didn’t show on the screens either, which there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to get that working. Hopefully they’ll tighten up the S11/DJay Pro code soon and the device will work better with the software. BTW, how do you like the CRSS12 turntables? I have a pair of Audio Technica Super OEM 1240USBXP decks and I’m thinking of buying one CRSS12 when I’m done paying off some stuff and getting the other in 2025. Do you like the decks and feel like they were worth that crazy price tag? What use has having pads been on the turntables when you have access to it on the S11 mixer already? I have an S11 as well and can’t think of a use case why I’d want pads on the turntable as well. Maybe you can clue me in. Peace and stay up!

Totally agree that there are kinks to be worked out with the S11. I’m hoping Algorridim can sort them out in the near future. Honestly, if the kinks were worked out I would happily switch over to Djay Pro as my main DJ software.

The CRSS12s are amazing. The biggest innovation is the magvel clamp. Being able to dial in the feel, even if the vinyl is warped, is incredible. The decks feel so satisfying to use.

As far as the pads go, I control stems from the CRSS12s. That leaves me with the ability to leave hotcues (or whatever else) up on the S11. I also remapped the sampler mode on the CRSS12s to do custom things specific to my workflow. Using the pads on the decks gives me more flexibility.

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Hello everyone,

Sorry for the delay in responding. After a lot of testing, our teams have concluded that this is an issue where the DJM-S11 is calculating its own BPM, separate from djay.

At this time, there is no official means of overwriting the S11’s behavior when communicating with djay. However, should we find a alternative solution to this issue, we will make sure to update this thread accordingly. Thanks for bringing to light this unexpected controller behavior.

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Thank you for the update @Slak_Jaw ! I should also note that I see similar behavior on my Rane Seventy and Pioneer DDJ-REV7.

Interestingly it seems to work as expected in other DJ Software, so maybe they’re using unofficial means to override the default behavior. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Probably the other DJ software (and even the S11) are using a fixed beat grid and average BPM rather than the Fluid Beatgrid™ system which shows the true BPM.

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You’re welcome @djcoldswitch

That doesn’t seem to be the case for me. The BPM’s are dramatically different. Not a huge deal. I can workaround the issue by tapping in the bpm. Not then end of the world.

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Please bear in mind that we cannot see what you’re seeing. We don’t know what track you’re loading, what the BPM is in DJay or what the BPM is on (e.g.) the S11.

What was “a track” that you mentioned in your first post?

What are the BPMs which are “dramatically different”?

Apologies for not being more specific @PKtheDJ. I’m currently away from my setup, but I can certainly provide more details when I’m back at my setup. My recollection is that in most cases, regardless of the track, the bpm on the S11 is set 120 (or whatever the last bpm was that the S11 properly detected). Sometimes if I use sync or the software fx, the S11’s bpm will match what Djay is displaying. I haven’t found a reliable set of steps to get an accurate bpm on the S11.

With the above said, I’ll provide more concrete details once I’m back at my setup. Thanks!

I want to bump this! I currently own a Pioneer Rev 7 and S11, and I’ve ran across this issue with both of them (even my Rane 72 has the same problem). I recently made the switch from Traktor to Djay Pro full time (after being a Traktor user since 2005), and I’ve noticed this issue while using the software. Well, BPM effects and the lack of waveforms on the screens. If these features could be resolved, it would really be the epitome of a flawless software! LOL

Having said that, I do commend DJay Pro for their work! I believe many DJs will be swayed to convert to this dope app. Thank you, devs!


No screen support just seems to be an Algoriddim thing. Atomix can manage it with VirtualDJ so I’m not sure what the reason is.

It’s another Algoriddim quirk that comes in for criticism when reviewers compare DJ software.

For those who are using the S11, you probably already know this, but on the mixer you can dial in the bpm you want without having to tap. Holding down the Tap button and pressing the arrows on either side of the Tap button allow you to increment or decrement the bpm by 1 with each button press.

While not automatic, this is much quicker than having to tap. For me this is a fairly reasonable workaround for the auto bpm detection not being completely reliable. I’m a tad embarrassed I didn’t know this feature existed on the S11. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


Great tip! Thanks for sharing @djcoldswitch

@djcoldswitch I didn’t know that either! I will try it on the s11 and even see if it works on the Rev 7. Thanks for the info!

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I did not know this. It definitely works on the Rev 7. Thank you!

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