Auto Cuepoints

It would really cool if Djay could automatically set cue points while it analyzes new Songs.
This would make the preparation for new Sets a lot easier. Of course the cue points should be still changeable afterwards (same as the cue points atm.) but it would give a great start and cut down preparation time.

Cheers Hans von Freymacher

I have no idea about coding but the fact that there’s a whole company that builds on that feature and key recognition (Mixed in Keys) is just mind boggling to me.

I would think that pro apps like Logic Pro would laugh about the challenge of implementing such a simple feature. Whereas for us it would be one of the major time savers.

I fully support you on this request.

I’ve been struggling with tons of workarounds and messed up files now due to the conversion of cue points from Mixed in keys into DJCK software.