Auto disabling of system sounds on launch

Oh, maybe another option. A feature to automatically disable all other system sounds. Ie: Clock sounds, alert/system sounds and what not. That way its quick an easy on launch to turn them off and back on again when you quit.

Hi, DND stops all alerts from sounding.

You can use do not disturb button in your settings, and notifications too!!

I was doing a mix last night and I got an iMessage and three email alerts during the hour I was mixing. Granted, the sounds weren’t recorded, but they were played over the PA… Loud!

It would be great if all other sounds could be muted while this app is in use… Switchable of course.

I believe that only stops facetime… I went into each app in the settings and turned the sounds off… Because of this program I really dont use my ipad for much else

If you use a Midi controller which has sound output, you just have to make sure your Mac’s default sound output device is the Macs speakers and not your main output. If you are using it stand alone (e.g. just the Mac) then go into Sounds and uncheck play alerts. Do Not Disturb also shuts off all notification noises from my experiences.