Auto filter keeps automatically sliding back to default state (out of sync with hardware knob)

Auto (hi-pass/lo-pass) filter slides back to default state on every manipulation for one track. It occurred when I used a hardware controller (reloop beatpad) with an iPad mini retina. The auto filter would slide back anytime I tried to edit the value, even if my knob was far more to the right, which gave a lot of funky side-effects. Because my knob was at about 75% for example but the actual software filter was still in the middle. When I would manipulate just a little bit, it would jump to 75% and automatically slide back. In addition, it didn’t even matter if I did with the controller or inside the app itself. If I slided the slider in-app it would totally trip and slide back to the middle. However, this was only for one of the two tracks. The other side worked perfectly. Only a hard reset of the app fixed it.

I figured I could use this app in a professional way, however I keep stumbling across bugs which keep me from mixing a set. All these bugs are not only critical but also blockers for me. What does the release cycle look like?

I can’t recreate it that easily, it seemed to slip into my session just one time. I’ll try and record it if it happens again.

Thanks for contacting us.

Can you perhaps make a short video recording of this issue? Thanks!