Auto gain stopped working

Hi, I am using djay2 on an ipad 2 and all of a sudden the auto gain is not working. I have checked the settings and it is still switched on. I run a dance class and it is really annoying having to run over to my ipad to alter the volume. It was working fine at one time but no longer does. Please help!

Hi Salsa,

Are the songs now being played at different volume levels?

Sorry, I didn’t get notified about your last response.

Can you please contact our support team so we can troubleshoot the issue
( support(at) )?

In the meantime, I recommend deleting and reinstalling the app and see if that helps.

Just make sure that iCloud sync is enabled! :slight_smile:

I deleted and reinstalled as suggested and seems to be working fine now. Thanks

Much to my annoyance Analysed track info all removed but cue points were all still there.

Yes they are.

I wonder if anyone is looking into my auto gain problem as I have not heard anything for a couple of weeks now.

I also have this problem. Before I delete and reinstall, can you confirm that removing the app will delete all Cue Points and Analysed track information?!

Thanks Paul, re-analysing the tracks isn’t so bad, so glad cue points survive :slight_smile:

I had reinstalled before Warren replied, so for the benefit of other users, you WILL lose cue points if iCloud sync is not enabled, this is a setting I have never turned on before as I don’t use iCloud in general. So watch out users if you need to reinstall.