Auto generated HOT CUE points for individual songs/playlists.

Auto generated CUE points for individual songs/playlists. Yes, this suggestion already came up years ago and I guess it didn’t have much interest from other users. And I am not surprised, implementations of this feature in the past were not the best, but times have changed. Rekordbox is really good at it now, and the main reason why it doesn’t get much attention is that you don’t know you need it before you test it. The truth is that if you use it regularly it’s hard to go back to other DJ software that doesn’t have this option. For people who play a lot of gigs, open format DJs or those taking reqests this is a real gamechanger.

Your team has been doing a great job recently and I’ve personally recommended trying DJay Pro to many DJ friends mainly due to the great beat grids and better support for Windows users recently. However, the truth is that the lack of such QoL features related to track preparation and library management, makes switching from other DJ software nearly impossible without making big sacrifices and huge changes to your workflow (especially now when Rekorbox 7 came out and does it all 100% natively without 3rd party apps using their Intelligent Cue Creation)

Personally, I would strongly consider adding this, even if it doesn’t get many votes and is time-consuming to add because I really believe that this change + a few smaller improvements to the library management would make transitioning to DJay Pro way more feasible for many people.

Thanks :wink:

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Thanks for the suggestion @unumi. Good idea. I have sent this to the dev team for consideration. As usual, please use the blue Vote button at the top left so we can gauge user demand for this feature.

I was beginning to wonder, isn’t this system already implemented anyway in one way or another, running hidden in the background in order to make automix work properly?