Auto jump between cue points...

I was thinking it would be an awesome feature to auto jump between cue points. Maybe remove the cue point title in its window and replace it with two drop down menus, like the ones you get when choosing a plugin. The one menu is for “jump from” cue point and the second one is “jump to” cue point. After clicking for example the “jump from” button, the drop down menu shows all the set cue points (including the white one) to select the cue point to jump from (when the needle reaches it)! And after selecting the “jump to” cue point, the needle will jump from the first to the second set cue point.

Did that make any sense?

Hey Andi,
Try this…

Hey Andi,
Thanks, I guess we’d have to vote fr those features.

Yeah that would be cool if a lot of users would like the idea! Maybe it could even get implemented! I just thought it would be a great idea to shorten a song without having to actually edit it in wavlab or so!

Does any other users have thoughts on this idea?

Hi Laidbackfred, thanks for the video. I really like that skin! Anyway, that’s the way that I shorten or lengthen my songs now, but I think it would be cool if I can tell DJay pro to do it itself!

This is not the only time this is suggested. I suggested it a year ago. I am not sure if the up-votes from similar suggestions are considered.

Hi Andi Copesetic,

thank you for your thoughts.
We are always happy for user ideas and it would be great if other users could share their feedback about your idea.

Lukas E.

I second this. I’d love to make the move to Algoriddim DJ for it’s Spotify support but at the moment it’s lacking in crucial features imho. Virtual DJ my current DJ work station, is absolutely overloaded with features and customization including, custom skins, action points, beat jump, cue points, loop points. Basically there is nothing that you CAN’T do with VDJ…except Spotify of course:-) For instance when I’m setting up tracks I can make short dance-floor friendly edits by setting an action cue point after the first verse and then tell it to jump to cue point two which I set at the end of the second verse skipping the redundant parts of a track. In the past I would have to actually make an edit using Pro Tools, Ableton or another DAW. VDJ allows you to do so much inside the app and none of the edits are destructive or permanent. You can switch things up as needed. Algoriddim needs to take a long hard look at what’s possible and implement some of these features to make the DJay more competitive with Serato and Virtual DJ, two of the most popular Video and Music DJ apps.